How to Find Amazing Places to Eat In Town

foodFinding a great place to eat can be time consuming and even stressful.

To eliminate stress you could always visit your favorite places to eat.

Sometimes though we get tired of eating the same places all the time.

So how do you go about picking a new place to eat without becoming overwhelmed by all the choices?

You could always ask your friends and family if they know if they know a great place to eat, but that may result in an argument amongst your friends and family members who may express strong opinions on which places are the best and which ones are best avoided.

Turning to the phonebook provides an overwhelming amount of places to eat and many people are really not interested in combing through the phone book for one meal.

Especially when new businesses are opening their doors to customers every day.

There is always the option of going to a place that you are familiar with and feel secure in knowing that the food is predictable in style and tastes.

While the security is comforting, sometimes trying new foods will awaken your senses.

Instead of asking friends and family were the best places are to eat you could turn to help of technology to provide answers on where to eat that would appetizing and won’t break the bank.

Technology has produced the ability to have information at the tip of your fingertips in just a few clicks away.

The Internet offers lots of information to viewers who are looking for information but want it quickly and don’t want to use books to find the information.

Google Maps will not only provide you with directions about how to navigate around your town or city smoothly, but it can also help you find an amazing place that has been rated and reviewed by other consumers like you.

If you own a mobile phone and have access to applications, you may want to consider downloading a couple of apps that will help make picking a place to eat less time-consuming and less stressful on your part.

Best applications for finding a great place to eat

Local Eats- is a well-established application that caters to finding only local places to eat within driving distance of your home.

This application quickly eliminates all but local restaurants and diners from the selection.

That means you won’t be seeing how to get to the closest McDonalds or Burger King.

After selecting how far you are willing to travel, the application will then allow you to pick from the top 100 in your city or browse in the “best of” categories.

If you think you know where you want to eat, the application will then show you photos, the price range, and how to get there in the least time possible.

Foodspotting- if you enjoy being tortured by pictures of mouthwatering food, then Foodspotting may be right for you.

The developers of this application encourage their members not only enjoy their food, but also take pictures of their food.

For some it can be overwhelming to pick from the many amazing dishes to choose from but it may also help you make your choice.

Zagat Survey- the company of the application has been around since the 1970’s. They’re passionate about collecting customer feedback on restaurants, diners and even bars.

The Zagat app doesn’t stop there. You can even find a great place to rest your head when you are traveling in an unfamiliar territory. Unlike the other two applications to this one is quite expensive.

You will have to fork out $10 for just one year worth of use. For people that like to eat out frequently, the price tag may seem like a bargain.

For people that eat out infrequently, they would be better finding cheaper or even free application that will meet their needs.

Urban Spoon- This fascinating app will provide you with a random choice after you shake your phone. If you’re not interested in shaking your phone just push the spin button to get a random recommended restaurant close by.

If you want to narrow the selection, toggle the slot machine wheels to help narrow your selection based on your personal tastes.

Now that you how an arsenal of tools to help you find your next favorite place to eat, no longer will you have to spend hours trying to decide what sounds good to eat. If you ever get stuck one or more of these apps can quickly help you decide.

Look at the best restaurants in the world 2014 in this video:

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Cheap Entertainment Ideas

If you are looking for cheap ideas on how to entertain yourself or your family, take a look at these ideas that are fun and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

With the economy in shambles it’s become increasingly important that we develop a budget and stick to it.

Where does entertainment fall when we are trying to be budget friendly?

Entertainment doesn’t have to cost a fortune just to enjoy quality time with yourself or your family.

Find free entertainment: check craigslist, your local newspaper, or billboards at your community store to see if there are free events that you or your family can attend.

Most of the time these events are hosted in a community center or local park and have a lot to offer as far as entertainment goes.

Museums and art boutiques: most of the time each town and city has a museum and art boutiques that is unique because they feature oddities and spectacles that you won’t find anywhere else.

You and your family can gaze at the lamb two headed lamb in wonder, or marvel over ancient relics of the past.

Usually the admission doesn’t cost a too much, and the fun you are sure to have will outweigh that admission fee.

Go to the park: just about every town and city has a park where you can enjoy the scenery and let your kids play on jungle gym structures. If your park includes a pond you may beable to feed the ducks and the geese.

If that doesn’t sound like much fun, you could always take a stroll through the park.

Take a stroll through your neighborhood: while this may not sound fun, you may meet new people or strike up a conversation with your fellow neighbors.

Perhaps they may invite you to some neighborhood activities for you and your family. The walk may also allow you to put your thoughts in order and clear your mind.

Theme Parks: not every city is fortunate to have its own theme park. If this is the case, perhaps you should consider taking a vacation to the nearest one. It may be expensive, but if you bring a camera you may be able to capture memories of a lifetime.

Zoos: If you or another family member are animal lovers, consider going to the zoo. There are tons of animals to see and there may be exhibits featuring special animals. Some exhibits may even let you touch or get close to the animals for fun too!

For book lovers: Visit your local library to score free books that you can later take home and enjoy. If you’re hoping for something more permanent, you could always visit the local bookstores to find some great bargains to take home.

For Shopaholics:

If you enjoy shopping but can’t afford an expensive trip to the mall, you may want to consider visiting a second hand store or thrift shop.

Item at these stores are often used but are in great shape. While you may not find mall worthy clothes, you just may find a gem or two and for cheap!

Of course you don’t have to leave your home to have fun. A family night involving watching movies or playing games is in- expensive and can take place in the comfort of your home.

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Mall Shopping Secrets That Everyone Should Know

Finding bargains and great deals at a mall and shopping centers requires effort because not everything on the shelves is a great deal.

Below are several tips to help you find great deals without going insane.

Know what a great deal looks like:

Even if an item is on sale or so the sign says, you may not even be saving any money.

The store most likely took the original price and marked it up several digits and then applied a small discount to make it seem like the item is a bargain. In the end you are purchasing the item at the original price and still pocketing the owner money.

If you happen to find an item that you are interested in but you want to compare prices, consider installing phone applications such as Red Laser or even Shop Savvy.

These applications allow you to compare prices without having to leave the mall or your home.

The only way to find a good deal is to make sure you check prices at other stores to see how much they are selling the same product and for how much dollars.

Determine if the product was created specifically to be sold at a particular store:

More than 82% of the products you will find at the store will appear to be high-quality, but are actually low-quality being sold at premium prices.

For you, this may not be a problem if you don’t mind cheaper quality. However, you should be aware that an item is discounted or cheap for a reason.

If you are interested in only high quality items, it may be wise to look at alternative stores to see what they have to offer.

If you are looking for bargains or discounts, check either the corners of the store or the back of the store

Some of the time we may be able to find clothes or items that have minimal damage and are discounted from their original price considerably.

Regular mall shoppers should consider signing up for the mall’s customer club:

Most of the time it won’t cost you a penny and you get the added benefit of receiving discounts and/or coupons directly to your phone or in your mailbox. Stay on top of these because the offers frequently change to reflect store inventory and sales.

Purchase off-season items:

A lot of great deals can be had if you purchase them off season. Why?

Because stores need to make room for in season inventory. If they can’t make room for new inventory they won’t make much sales.

So they will frequently mark down prices on winter coats in the spring to make room for jackets. This is just one example.

Do your research to determine when stores mark down prices for out of season items. Equipped with this information will save you a ton of money.

Don’t let the idea of losing a gem in the early morning scare you:

Instead of visiting the mall at rush hour, consider going during off hours. The stores won’t be so crowded and you may be able to find items easier and faster.

Checking the paper for coupons to your favorite stores can also save you money. Sometimes stores will provide coupons in the newspaper.

Check the sales flyers for any sales and great deals that can be combined with your coupon for extra savings.

Shopping at the mall doesn’t have to be a stressful and overwhelming experience if you do your research and know how to save money by using coupons or shopping when most consumers are at work or home with their families.

Makes sure you follow these tips for a hassle free shopping experience.

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